March 9, 2021

Apple and the Berlin Wall in the Globalization’s Age

Interesting thread between an user of Ipad/itune and Apple support with respect a complaint on their system. Look at Apples’ answer….


———- Forwarded message ———-
From: <>
Date: 2011/6/17
Subject: Re: MacAppStoreAccountandBilling; Follow-up: 155975742

Dear Matteo,

Courtney, here from the iTunes Store.

Thank you for your interest in the iTunes Store. To shop at the iTunes Store for your country, you must have both a residential address and a billing address in that country. I do understand that you are living and working in France but you would like to purchase from the Italian iTunes Store. I regret, and apologize, that you cannot do so. Unfortunately, if you want to purchases from the Italian iTunes Store, you must have a valid billing address and credit card from Italy.

I also do understand that many other companies allow you to purchase from their European stores, no matter what county you are from or living in, however it is Apples policy that you must have the valid address and credit card in such country you wish to purchase from. I do understand how frustrating this must be, especially since you are located in Europe. And I do apologize for this inconvenience.

I have included the feedback page for Apple, so you can voice you concerns. We do take your concerns very seriously, Matteo!

I have also provided instructions to accessing the French iTunes Store; I know it’s not the one you would like to purchase from but there is no way around it unless you have a valid billing address and credit card in Italy. And I do apologize.

1) Open iTunes.

2) Go to the iTunes Store.

3) Scroll down to the bottom of the iTunes Store homepage and click the current country’s flag icon in the lower-right corner. A new page will load that will have a graphical list of every country the iTunes Store and App Store are available in.

Therefore, as long as you are living and working in France, with your French bank account you have to purchase only from the French iTunes Store.

I hope this clarifies your concerns, Matteo. Please let me know if you require any further assistance with this issue, as I would be glad to help. I do apologize that you cannot purchase from the Italian iTunes Store. Thanks for your understanding and have a wonderful day!


iTunes Store Customer Support

Please note my hours for this week are:
Tuesday- Saturday 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM (EST)

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to assist you. You may receive an AppleCare survey email; any feedback you provide would be greatly appreciated.



hello thanks you for your support but my issue is that I am living in
France (I work in France) so I have a bank account in France but I am
Italian and I like to buy Italian objects (eg books, music and so on).

I do want my AppleStore is in Italian.And I do want to pay with my
AmericanExpress I have issued from y French Bank (IF I WANT because
you cannot oblige me to insert credit card if I want to download
freeware applications no? and In any case I do nto want to leave my
credit card number on your server so I want to be free to remove the
card whenever I want).
I can do this on AMAZON.IT, whay not on AppleStore?

The below “restrictions” you mentioned are complicated to understand
because is as if in US you tell  people living in Alabama that they
can access Apple Store with objects only in Alabama.
In the Internet community this is like to put new Berlin’s wall!!!!

In Europe is becoming more and more normal for people of one
nationality to leave in another Country for professional reason, and
this means they have resident permit in the country where they leave
and bank accoutn too.

In Europe there is Schengen’s Agreement by with  you can buy
goods  in France and transfer in Italy without custom’s control. Is
more or less like in US where you can buy good in Textas even if you
live in New York.
In Internet there is AMAZON that sell goods allowing you to decide
the Country or the language to use (eg I can access AMAZON.ITALY and
pay with my French Credit Card for an Italian movie)
In Apple Store I am obliged to create two or three accounts if I want
to access UK, of FR or IT AppleStore in the local language (and so to
access easier to local goods: books, musics, videos…).
MAybe I missed something in this case thanks to correct me, but  your
system is complicated and not customer’s friendly for people leavign
in one cuntry that comes from another Coutnry (and trust me this is
becoming normal in teh age of globalization)

I cannot have an Italian credit card and a french one because for me
is double cost.

I will hope you change your policy and make more easy for the
community to access Apple Services without these “Countries” barries
(maybe you do not know but the Berlin’s wall fallendown in 1989)





Who says that Apple is customer’s friendly?
Maybe not for emigrants….

Details: Hello I want to change the APPLESTORE Language. I cannot access AppleStore in a la different from the one I used with my resident coutnries, so I cannot access products in the store of a specific Contry. f. if I have French credit card I cannot access book offert in Italian AppleStore. I am obliged to create a second account
TrackID: 15218935


here is the SIMPLE answer from Apple


Dear Matteo,

I understand that you have moved to Italy and you are being prompted to edit your credit card . I can certainly appreciate how eager you must be to get this issue resolved and begin making purchaes! My name is Courtney and I would be more than happy to help you out with this today!

I do have to inform you Matteo, that you will need to change you billing address associated with your “” to be able to purchase from the iTunes Store, and this requires you to either add a credit card or other payment method. I will be happy to provide the information you’ll need.

Before you change the country in your account, please note the following:

1) You will be asked to provide a valid billing address in the new country as well as a payment method, such as a credit card, debit card, or iTunes Store Gift Card that was issued in the new country. ***Without these, you will not be able to change your account’s country.

2) Please be aware that content purchased from the iTunes Store is country-specific. If you wish to upgrade any of your iTunes Store content to iTunes Plus, you’ll need to do so before you change your account’s country. After you change countries in your account, you won’t be able to upgrade the content you purchased while your account was set to the previous country.

3) The content from the App Store is also country-specific. If you wish to upgrade any of your applications, please do so before changing countries. After you change countries, you won’t be able to upgrade the applications you purchased while your account was set to the previous country.

4) If you have any store credit, you will need to use the credit before you can change countries in your account.

5) If you have any items that are not downloaded or rentals that have not expired, you will not be able to change countries in your account until after you download the items or the rentals expire after the 30 days remaining. (MA SIAMO MATTIIIIII???? N.d.M)

The following steps explain how to change the country for your account:

1) First, make sure you’re using the latest version of iTunes, which is now iTunes 10.3. It’s available free of charge:

2) Click the following link to open iTunes and access the Apple Account Information page:

3) Enter your iTunes Store account name and password, then click Account Info.

4) On the Apple Account Information page, click Change Country.

5) Enter the updated information and save your changes.

(N.d.M Does not work. YOu need to insert a credit card on Itune to change languafge. The only way to change iw via www.AppleStore  and even ther is not trivial. )

Please reply to this email if you are unable to change the country for your account, and I will assist you further.

I trust this should resolve everything for you, Matteo. It was my pleasure to have helped you out today! Thanks for choosing the iTunes Store and have a great day!


iTunes Store Customer Support

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